David Escobar (Member)

David Escobar
Associate Counseling Human Services Instructor

David Escobar was raised originally in San Francisco and has made his home in Sonoma County for five years. Prior to coming to the North Bay, he served as an Administrative Aide to former Fourth District Supervisor Steve Kinsey in Marin County for 15 years. After 21 years of service with the County of Marin, he retired early to take on the position Director of the Substance Use Disorder & Re-Entry Program at San Quentin State Prison. 

David identifies as an Indigenous person and recognized as a member of the Lenca-Poton Nation which encompasses parts of El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. He is an official staff carrier for the Poton peoples of Guatajiagua. He has attended the Indigenous Permanent Forum at the United Nations in New York for several years as delegate with the American Indian Movement. 

He has taught Indigenous Perspectives, Mayan Cosmologies, and Pre-Columbian Perspectives at both Dominican and Holy Names University. David has also served as an interpreter for many indigenous elders from Mexico, Central and South America when they travel to meet with other elders in the United States, including Arizona and South Dakota.

David is an Associate Counseling Human Services Instructor, Addiction Studies.